Block & Tackle is a production company focused on visual story telling. The studio team is dedicated to creative problem solving using a wide variety of mediums and techniques. Through animation, live-action, stop-motion, or by any means necessary, we create innovative and thoughtful solutions to your design challenges.

Creative Director Adam Gault studied live action and animation production at the Rhode Island School of Design and began working independently in 2006. In 2010 he started Adam Gault Studio, a boutique motion graphics studio focused on creative collaboration. The studio’s work with traditional illustrators earned it a reputation in the industry for creating dynamic and richly detailed animations.

Creative Director Ted Kotsaftis' detail-oriented approach has made him one of the most sought after technical directors in the industry.  His multi-faceted experience covers all aspects of production including 2D, 3D animation, live action and compositing.  His inventiveness, technical skills and razor-sharp eye infuse his work with a meticulous level of polish.

In 2014, after four years collaborating together at Adam Gault Studio, Adam and Ted re-launched the company under the name Block & Tackle. With an eye towards extending their reach in both commercial and broadcast production, they also welcomed Executive Producer Michael Neithardt to the studio.  Michael brings with him over 15 years of production know-how covering the worlds of commercial, broadcast, print, independent film and theater. He started his career as assistant to Miramax Film’s co-founder Bob Weinstein, held posts at MTV Networks and Sony Music, and ran the New York office of Stardust Studios. Before joining Block & Tackle at its formation, Michael was Executive Producer at Psyop NY.

What’s with the name Block & Tackle, anyway? Well, it sounds sporty and a little aggressive (watch out!), but it’s actually an elaborate pulley system that's really useful for lifting heavy things. New name; same great taste.

If you've got a project you think we can help with let us know! We'd love to collaborate.